Our Aims

Before we get on to the serious stuff, let’s just make one thing clear: wine is fun. Or at least it ought to be, if you’re selling it right. That’s our guiding principle at Off-Piste, and frankly we don’t mind who knows it.

We do a lot of laughing. Occasionally we come up with some silly ideas. Sometimes we just want a cold beer and to talk about things that have very little to do with viticulture, vinification or company strategy. But we still think you’d be hard pressed to find a team as energetic, agile and enthusiastic as ours – because the truth is, we just love wine.

We’ve been around the trade long enough to know that having expert product knowledge and putting in long hours isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve made it our priority to work in close partnership with retailers – and to offer consumers wines and labels that they actually want.

Off-Piste Wines is now working with trusted producers around the world, developing a unique portfolio of quality wines which are great value. When we have an innovative idea, we don’t want to waste months or years watching focus groups and marketing teams water it down. If we know we’re onto something, we want to see it on the shelf as soon as possible – and we’ve proved we can achieve that.

We're also proud to support The Benevolent - the Drinks Industry Charity - and were named official Corporate Partners in 2018. 

You’ll find plenty of bigger wine companies. But you won’t find any with bigger enthusiasm for the work they do.